Records Reconstruction and Funds Tracings

All too often in situations of fraud, financial distress and mismanagement, up to and including company bankruptcy, the proper maintenance of financial books and records is neglected. In these circumstances, the reconstruction of books and records and the tracing of sources and uses of funds can be burdensome and prohibitively expensive.

As a fiduciary, Equitable Transitions, Inc. engages in both of the reconstruction of books and records and the tracing of the sources and uses of funds. Equitable Transitions, Inc. has the experience to perform these tasks in a reliable, prompt and cost-effective manner.

Equitable Transitions, Inc. offers a low-cost alternative to the forensic reconstruction of books and records as well as the tracing of funds. Working together with other legal and accounting professionals, and drawing upon our experience in company bankruptcy and alternatives to bankruptcy, Equitable Transitions, Inc. has developed both the skills and methodologies to substantially reduce the expense of understanding and reconstructing complex transactions. This enables the professionals to apply their background in the interpretation and application of the documentary evidence to the facts and legal theories involved in any particular matter.

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