How We Work

We start with understanding.

In our initial phone call, we ask for your story:  what you do, what kind of business you’re in, and most importantly, why you’re making this call. Has your business been losing money for a while? Are you inundated with angry letters from creditors? Have you had an employee accident? What are your bankruptcy alternatives, and what are your goals now and for the future? We find out what’s going on—so we can start to assess how we can help.

From there, we set up a meeting to gain an even fuller understanding of your situation and your bankruptcy alternatives. We’ll meet at your location, or our office, or over the phone—wherever is most convenient for you. We’ll also take the time during these conversations to answer any questions you may have.

Following that is our assessment phase. We appraise your assets, gather your data, weigh your alternatives to bankruptcy, and assess strategies for moving forward, laying the groundwork for an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors. Because every case is unique, our plan is customized for your special situation.

We end with resolution.

With proper planning and preparation, we can take you from being a distressed business owner to making a general Assignment and selling all the assets of the business in the same day.

Once you’ve signed a general Assignment, you’re free of business obligations. After that, it’s our responsibility.

Our decades of business bankruptcy experience enable us to turn what’s complicated into something simple. Rather than trying to maintain operations of a failed business and go through Chapter 7 or Chapter 11, you can be free to pursue your next horizon.

How we get paid.

Our clients are involved in financial difficulty and business crisis, so we understand the importance of controlling expenses, especially now.

We structure our fees in a variety of ways, sometimes based upon a percentage of recoveries, sometimes upon flat fixed fees, fixed monthly fees or blended hourly rates. Our plan will ensure that we get paid as part of the process. You won’t be left holding a bill.

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