Business Brokers : Earn Fees With Us

  • Looking to earn a commission from even an insolvent business sale?
  • Having trouble with a deal due to lack of assets or abundance of debt? 
  • Searching for buying opportunities from troubled businesses?

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Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors offer unique opportunities and solutions to Business Brokers.  At Equitable Transitions, we provide alternatives to business bankruptcy, like ABCs that can facilitate the sale of an insolvent business.  We negotiate with secured creditors and sell the assets of the former business free of unsecured debt.  From those proceeds, we can pay you, the broker, a brokerage or referral fee.


  1. Earn a commission simply from a referral.  Did you receive a lead that went flat due to insolvency or lack of value?  We want those referrals!  If, after evaluation, you determine a business is not worth selling by traditional means, a successful referral to us can earn you cash.
  2. Broker a deal even on an insolvent business. You’ve got great assets for sale, but can’t close a deal due to the debts attached.  Send it through Equitable Transitions.  After making an Assignment with the debtor company, and negotiating with its secured creditors, we sell the assets to your buyer free and clear — while you earn a brokerage fee!
  3. Discover buying opportunities. In some cases, we solicit sales of distressed assets.  By partnering with Equitable Transitions, you can deliver profitable opportunities to clients to purchase assets or entire turn-key operations — again earning a brokerage fee.
  4. Keep your clients.  Be the one-stop-shop! With our bankruptcy alternatives, you can offer your clients answers and solutions in any situation, without referring them away.


With Equitable Transitions, Business Brokers can take advantage of several solutions to any sale — even an insolvent one — and turn nothing into something!


Equitable Transitions can also hire a Business Broker for their knowledge and expertise to perform business evaluations or as a consulting service.  We are often in need of asset appraisal, turnkey evaluations, and other professional services involved with determining the value of a business.  Equitable Transitions seeks industry specialists to offer an opinion or refer an expert to help in certain cases.  You could earn a service fee for assisting us in determining the best course of action for a debtor business.

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