About Equitable Transitions

About Equitable Transitions, Inc.

Since 2003, Equitable Transitions, Inc. has helped more than 100 businesses and business owners like you navigate away from business bankruptcy, and find solutions that help you move on and start fresh.We understand your situation, and can help you find ways out of it. Our senior leadership brings decades of experience in business, in business insolvency, and in the legal underpinnings of all alternatives to business bankruptcy. We help you eliminate the stress of creditors and attorneys hounding you, and the risk of public embarrassment, while positioning you to begin anew.

We do this by guiding you through a suite of business bankruptcy alternatives designed to resolve your burdensome situation. We work with you to analyze the issues confronting your business, determine whether alternatives to business bankruptcy apply to you, and design specific solutions that help you transition out of crisis, leaving worry and risk behind.

Don’t try to figure out bankruptcy alternatives all on your own. Instead, focus on your life and your business. Call us. (562)435-9062


Our Team

Our senior leadership brings decades of experience in business bankruptcy, and also in business management. We understand what you’re going through, but even more importantly, we know how to help you get out of it. Since 2003, Equitable Transitions has helped business owners like you safely navigate away from business bankruptcy.

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